An animated documentary on the history of the residents of Africville, a Black community that got displaced in Halifax, Canada during the 60s.

Festivals Selection

  • Regent Park Film Festival 2018


"Shadows on the wall
Noises down the hall
Life doesn't frighten me at all..."
- Maya Angelou

Le Flan

A tale of love, injustice and desserts.

Festivals Selection

  • TIFF Kids International Film Festival 2014

  • Toronto Animation Arts Festival International 2014

  • Animated Dreams Estonia Animation festival 2013

  • Giraff Animation Festival 2013

  • Ottawa International Animation Festival 2013

  • Fantasia Film Festival 2013


In a breath life goes on...

Festival Selection

  • Fantasia Film Festival 2012

  • Anima Multi 2012

  • Cornwall Film Festival 2012

  • Monstra Festival 2013

  • TAAFI Toronto 2013

  • Toronto Urban Film Festival 2013